Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Golf Trade Show invite for ICaP pair

ICaP's Professor Dave Collins and Dr Howie Carson have been invited to present at Europe's largest golf retail and education event.

The Golf Trade Show 2015 (GTS2015) features expert industry speakers who will discuss a variety of topics including management of staff, junior coaching, biomechanics and how to grow the game.

The timetable is devised to help PGA professionals learn new information to help enhance every aspect of their businesses.

David Colclough, PGA Head of Member Education, said: "This year's line-up brings together some of the members' favourite speakers, along with some of the people who have been shaping much of the recent analysis of how to get more people playing golf.

"We also welcome new speakers who have made an impact on the PGA's CPD programme this year, and I'm particularly excited to welcome Professor Collins, who brings so much knowledge from the world of sport.

"I really hope PGA Professionals will take advantage of all these great learning opportunities during their visit to The Golf Trade Show."

The event takes place 6-8 October at Harrogate International Centre. For more information please click here.

As a follow up to GTS2015, Professor Collins and Dr Carson are running a CPD event entitled 'So now you've learnt to do it, how do you make it better?'

The course aims to provide new 'tools' for coaches relating to 'what needs to be done and why' and 'how to do it' when implementing skill refinement.

The PGA National Training Academy, The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, is hosting the course on 11 November. Applications are currently restricted to PGA members, although may be opened to non-members closer to the event.

For more details please email Dr Howie Carson.