Wednesday, 10 September 2014

ICaP Divisional update

The Institute of Coaching and Performance (ICaP) is looking forward to another successful academic year.

During 2013/14 ICaP hosted its first Talent Development Symposium and had over 45 peer review papers published, including three in the top rated journal 'Sports Medicine'.

ICaP's Professor Dave Collins is delighted to confirm there are now over 90 students on the DProf and MProf courses, including five full fee overseas students. ICaP has also had three doctoral graduates and secured grants worth approximately £300,000.

Staff who have secured prestigious external applied positions include John Kiely (Strength and Conditioning consultant to the Irish national Rugby Team) and recently appointed Lecturer Andrew Cruickshank (Psychology Consultant to British Judo and the Motor Sports Association).

Dr Tim Holder (Senior Lecturer) and Dr Howie Carson (Research Assistant) have both joined ICaP, whilst Dr Aine MacNamara has returned from maternity leave. The Institute are also planning some new postgraduate degree courses.