Thursday, 3 October 2013

Professional Master's in Elite Performance (M. Prof. EP)

Having successfully established the Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance programme, ICaP has recently launched another original, exciting, and linked initiative: the Professional Master's in Elite Performance (M. Prof. EP).

The M. Prof. EP provides a high-level, vocationally-focused qualification for professional enhancement across multiple performance domains.

Who would be interested in the M. Prof. EP?

The M. Prof. EP programme will be of particular interest to practitioners working in, but not limited to, coaching (sport and business), sport science (e.g., strength and conditioning, psychology), education, science and medicine, performing arts, military, and other structured service providers.

The course is an individualized programme of studies tailored to each practitioner’s career-based needs and aspirations, and presents a unique opportunity to further develop thinking and analytical skills through work on an area of expertise. The M. Prof. EP also allows practitioners to demonstrate transferable skill sets as a precursor to changing role, career, or performance domain.

How do I study for an M. Prof. EP?

Using an established in-house core team of performance specialists, in conjunction with other colleagues across the University, candidates will explore issues from their own specific field across two course components. The first set of modules represents a ‘grounding’ element and aims to develop practitioner awareness and application of the knowledge sources that impact on performance in their domain.

The second component consists of an independent research project leading to submission of a dissertation. Wherever possible, and confidentiality notwithstanding, practitioners will also be encouraged and supported to publish their work in peer review journals, professional publications, or other pertinent media.

Independent and Distance Learning

Reflecting the challenging professional circumstances and interests of those likely to enroll on the M. Prof. EP, the entire award is designed to be completed at a distance and by independent study. Practitioners are assigned an experienced academic as a personal tutor who can draw on a strong background in elite performance and a broad base of expertise, both within existing University staff and via other national/international contacts.

Students are then supported through their programme of study using various electronic links such as online materials, email, and skype. Tutors also travel to meet with participants, particularly in the early stages of the different modules.

Who do I contact?

For further information on any aspect of the programme please email: Professor Dave Collins or Áine MacNamara.