Wednesday, 27 May 2015

ICaP continues to deliver elite service

ICaP focuses on the enhancement of performance, either directly or by developing providers and systems to bespoke needs.

Institute members regularly work across a variety of disciplines, both individually and as members of an integrated support team.

Andrew Cruickshank is currently providing ongoing consultancy services to the British Judo Association, Motor Sport Association and other individual elite performers.

In addition, his recent publications have covered topics such as the dark side of elite team leadership, culture change in professional sport, and leaders'/coaches' professional judgment and decision making.

Andrew recently completed his UCLan DProf examinations and is completing training as a supervisor for the professional preparation of applied sport and exercise psychologists through the British Psychological Society.

He has also conducted invited presentations at The University of Edinburgh on professional practice (performance psychology) and elite team cultures.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Institute to launch pioneering new coaching course

ICaP has revealed plans to launch a new course which could change the face of coaching education.

The Level 3 programme has already attracted huge interest across a variety of sports. Table Tennis England are the first national governing body to sign up to the programme and it's hoped others will join them in the future.

ICaP currently offers an endorsed Level 4 UK Coaching Certificate, but after a request by Table Tennis England to look at a new approach for Level 3 awards the new course was designed.

Course Leader Bryan Jones commented: "From an academic point of view it's very humanistic. Rather than people coming in and having a pre-prescribed coaching programme, we'll assess where they are at the start and see how that measures with a set of competencies at the end.

"We're personalising the journey so they can fulfil their Level 3 within the domain they're currently working. It will be a pioneering approach to coaching at this level. We've had lots of interest so far, including from Rugby League, and we're hoping many other sports will see the benefit in utilising the programme."

Miriam Beales, Coaching and Workforce Manager for Table Tennis England, said the new course will properly bridge the gap between Levels 3 and 4.

"For us it's about making it more realistic to the coach for the environment they are in," said Miriam. "Rather than giving them formalised knowledge, everything will be contextualised towards the individual."

The course, targeted for an October 2015 start date, will be worth 20 credits and provides a university certificate plus the chance for progression onto full honours degrees.

Bryan added: "We're pushing the Level 3 award towards the first year of a degree territory. This should create a higher level of coach further down the road. We hope people will see the value of a programme which will result in the learning journey being a true reflection of their needs and aspirations."

For more details about the programme please email Bryan.